Genshin Impact PS4 PlayStation 4

It's been a while since we've spared a thought for Genshin Impact, but it seems the game is coming along well. As a reminder, this is an open world action RPG from Chinese studio Mihoyo that rubbed Zelda fans the wrong way with its resemblance to Breath of the Wild. There hasn't been much information to go on lately, but that could all change very soon with an upcoming beta test.

PlayStation 4 users can look forward to a "final closed beta" starting from 2nd July. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, players who take part will be able to explore a portion of the map, letting you check out "the serene city of Mondstadt to the majestic region of Liyue Harbor". You'll be able to play solo or invite some friends for up to four player co-op.

Sign-ups appear to be closed, sadly -- hopefully anybody interested got in. The developer is sending out invites today. Did you get in? Will you be checking out Genshin Impact on PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.