It's not every day you see a heavy metal rhythm game posing as a DOOM-style first person shooter, but here we are. Metal: Hellsinger is basically exactly that -- a game about murdering countless demons to the beat of a heavy metal soundtrack.

Fortunately, it's one of those games that makes sense the moment you see it in action. In the above trailer, we get a quick look at gameplay, and the odd combination of genres seems to mesh very well. You'll go through hellish realms and use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat your foes, all while keeping to the rhythm for the best score.

You'll also be interested to know the game is cross-gen, hitting both PlayStation 5 and PS4 in 2021. What do you think of Metal: Hellsinger? Will you be banging your head to this one? Head to the mosh pit that is the comments section below.