Marvel's Iron Man VR PS4 PlayStation 4 VR PSVR

With The Last of Us: Part II in our hands and Ghost of Tsushima keeping the party rolling later in July, it's easy to forget about that middle child -- Marvel's Iron Man VR. This PlayStation VR exclusive action title puts you in the armoured suit of Tony Stark on 3rd July, which is just a few days away. The game's director, Ryan Payton, has brought the virtual reality title back to our attention with a lengthy PlayStation Blog post, going over some interesting details.

Firstly, Payton talks about the game's length. "I know many of you want big VR-only games, not just demos or short experiences," he writes. Apparently, the average playtime in recent play testing has equated to roughly eight to 10 hours, which seems a good length for a VR game. Presumably that's just the main story; we know there will be challenges to complete on the side, so you could be spending a fair bit of time with this.

That's not the only info we can glean from this post, though. Payton also gives us a glimpse at some new environments we'll get to fly around, such as the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, the high-rise buildings of Shanghai, and an abandoned Stark Industries facility. In order to accommodate Iron Man's flight, each level is gigantic, too. Payton goes on to talk about combat moves, characters, and how VR enhances the experience, though it's not anything we haven't seen or heard before.

Still, it's all well worth a read, and it has us excited to finally play the full thing. Marvel's Iron Man VR releases this Friday, 3rd July. Are you picking this one up? Will you blow the dust off your PSVR for this game? Are you getting PSVR for this particular title? Tell us in the comments section below.