If you purchase Madden NFL 21 on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version free of charge – assuming you claim your copy prior to the release of next season’s game. American football tie-ins tend to launch prior to the start of the season, so you’ll have until around August 2021 to snag the next-gen edition.

There is a caveat, however: you won’t be able to upgrade using a Blu-ray copy of the game if you purchase the PS5’s Digital Edition model. This is because there’s no disc drive to validate your purchase, so if you’re planning to get that iteration of the next-gen console then make sure you buy Madden NFL 21 from the PlayStation Store.

As for the game, it’s due out on 28th August on PS4, and will implement improvements on both sides of the field. EA Sports is emphasising “improved ball-carrier mechanics” which it says will provide more control for running backs and receivers, while it’s also aiming to make pass rush positions more responsive and “fun to play”.

There’ll be more personalisation to celebrations, while new “on-field camera shots and improved player awareness of their positioning and surroundings on the field” will add authenticity to proceedings. Best of all, the Face of the Franchise campaign mode will return, though this time you’ll be working your way from high school level all the way up to the NFL.

Three versions of the game will be available, and the Deluxe and MVP Editions will deploy three days earlier, on 25th August. You can expect both premium editions to come bursting with Ultimate Team content, although there’s no word on improvements to the card-collecting mode just yet. You can catch a trailer embedded above.

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