As far as departures go, it doesn't get any bigger than this. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory has just been announced for PlayStation 4, arriving later this year, and it doesn't look to be your typical RPG affair. In fact, it appears to consist of numerous mini-games rather than battling the forces of evil in various Disney worlds. Check out the reveal trailer above for more context.

As you can see, Sora, Donald, and Goofy appear to be competing with each other in an on-rails match full of enemies and cues to hit. There also seems to be some sort of rhythm game as Sora hits coloured orbs in time with the beat. The story behind it all does link in with Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind so prepare for even more baffling, convoluted storytelling.

We don't really know what to make of this. What do you think? Share your first impressions in the comments below.