Killzone Mercenary

Over the weekend, you may have read reports that Sony had turned off the multiplayer servers for PlayStation Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary all of a sudden. Players reported that they were unable to connect to online matches, with one particular user questioning customer support staff on the topic. They apparently confirmed that the multiplayer servers have been shut down, but that isn't actually the case whatsoever.

It just appears to have been a random outage because devout fans are joining multiplayer matches all over again and TheSixthAxis is reporting that it can join online lobbies at the time of writing. "Before publishing this story we did a check as some people were posting that the servers are working, and decided to check the servers for ourselves by digging out the Vitas and our copies of Killzone Mercenary. Both Tef and I managed to join a lobby after we updated our PS Vitas and game files, so it was probably just a minor glitch over the weekend." It looks like some more dedicated players simply jumped the gun and feared the worse. To be fair, those worries aren't exactly misplaced. Sony has a history of turning off online servers, but at least the hardware manufacturer never does it without warning.

As such, you can still play Killzone: Mercenary online for now. Are you a part of its dedicated community and were worried the servers had been shut down? Let us know in the comments below.

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