Update: The Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS: Maxiboost ON (phew) open beta is now available to download on the PlayStation Store.It's around 10GB in size.

For more information on when the beta actually takes place, check the original story below.

Original Story: Bandai Namco has revealed its pre-release plans for (remember to take a deep breath) Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost ON. It'll be launching an open beta this weekend -- that's the 20th June -- that will feature three modes of play: player match, casual match, and 'Branch Battle'. The latter is a single player option, so you don't have to test your skills against other pilots if you don't want to.

The open beta will only last one day, but it'll be back next Saturday. And the Saturday after that. And the Saturday after that. And the Saturday after that. And... Well, you get the point. The open beta will be available every Saturday until the the game's release date, on the 30th July.

Gundam VS Open Beta Schedule

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