Today marks the end of the video series detailing everything there is to know about The Last of Us: Part II. This final episode, titled Inside the World, is exactly what it says on the box. Naughty Dog employees discuss how the sequel's environments are much, much bigger than the original game's, both in terms of scope and how much there is to explore.

Narrative lead Halley Gross talks about how the team wanted to make every location feel hostile through the use of weather and almost making the player out to be blind. "You can never fully breathe and we want you to be in alignment with Ellie who can never fully breathe when she experiences this trauma."

This is probably the last piece of media coverage The Last of Us: Part II will receive before its launch trailer, so soak it up while you still can. The day we all get to play this PlayStation 4 exclusive draws ever closer. Was there a detail within this video you particularly liked? Let us know in the comments below.