Premier League Crowd Noise FIFA

Premier League football is on track to return later this month, and Sky Sports has revealed that it'll be making use of crowd noise taken from FIFA to add some atmosphere to televised matches.

As you may already know, the Premier League season was put on hold following the coronavirus outbreak over three months ago, but assuming everything goes to plan, the competition will resume on the 17th June. Fans will not be able to attend games for some time yet, and so artificial crowd noise is being brought in.

Viewers will be able to watch the matches with or without the added crowd noise by picking their preferred channel. Let's just hope that, unlike in FIFA, the audio won't be repeating the same chant over and over again for 90 minutes.

Adding crowd noise to televised football matches is something that the Bundesliga -- the top tier German league -- is already using. It's honestly not as weird as you might think -- the added audio does bring some atmosphere to the spectacle, even if it is artificial.

Do you prefer watching football with crowd noise, even if it's fake? Make up your own chants in the comments section below.