Techland has done a pretty incredible job of supporting Dying Light long, long past its January 2015 launch. Yes, five years later, the first-person parkour experience that just so happens to have a horde of the undead on your tail at all times is still being updated on PlayStation 4. The latest piece of DLC, titled Hellraid, comes to Sony's current-gen console next month on 23rd July and you can get an idea of what to expect in the trailer above.

This $9.99 expansion can be played alone or with friends in co-op and will see you descend into the very pits of Hell. New weapons and enemies await while a separate progression system will surely lead to even more rewards. Development of this DLC is said to not have any effect on the production of Dying Light 2 either. The sequel was delayed indefinitely earlier this year, but a different team is working on Hellraid. "Don't worry though, second game is still coming and making content for the first one doesn't slow us down!"

Do you think you'll check out the Hellraid expansion for Dying Light, or are you going to bide your time and wait for Dying Light 2? Jump into the comments below.