PS5 Devs

Over the last few months, we've seen numerous developers comment on the PlayStation 5, with the vast majority heaping praise on Sony's next-gen console. Some have been going nuts over its super fast custom SSD, while others have simply pointed out that the machine is a pleasure to work with. The Unreal Engine 5 demo, which was running in real-time on PS5, also received a huge amount of positivity -- particularly from onlooking devs.

But the hype train just keeps on rolling. Following the announcement of Sony's PS5 games reveal event, which is happening this week, GamesBeat writes: "Developers and publishers continue to praise the design of the PS5. Some have told GamesBeat that it has a better architecture than any console in history." A bold claim, but it's hard not to feel as though there's a genuine buzz surrounding the PS5 from the perspective of actually making games for it.

Of course, PlayStation is no stranger to this kind of praise. While the PS3's unique characteristics made it infamously difficult to work with, Sony did a fantastic job of turning things around with the PS4. Over the course of this generation, the device has been praised by devs both big and small, and that's thanks to the efforts of lead architect Mark Cerny and his team. With Cerny also behind the PS5, it's perhaps no surprise to hear that developers are apparently in love this thing.

We expect more devs to have their say as we get closer and closer to the console's release later this year, but until then, are you enjoying all this positivity? Look to the future in the comments section below.