Demon's Souls PS5

It feels so good to finally say that the Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 remake is officially a thing. Announced during Sony's PS5 games reveal event last night, it blew our socks off with an announcement trailer for the ages. We don't know when we'll get our hands on it just yet, but Bluepoint Games' latest project will give us the option of prioritising either the game's visuals or frame rate.

As detailed in a PlayStation Blog post, Demon's Souls will offer two different graphical modes. One will focus on fidelity, and the other on frame rate. The article doesn't state what frame rates will be on offer, but we have to assume that the game will offer 60 frames-per-second should you opt for that mode. Meanwhile, the option focused on graphics will probably run at 30. That's speculation on our part, although we think it makes sense for a project this large and grand.

When you play Demon's Souls on PS5, which mode will you choose? Visuals or frame rate? Make your decision in the comments below.