We haven’t really heard much about how games will perform on the PlayStation 5 yet, but a Bethesda blog post has confirmed that Deathloop will run at 60 frames-per-second in 4K on Sony’s next-gen system. The tidbit is confirmed as part of a wider synopsis of the release, which explains how the game will work.

You play as Colt, a prisoner trapped in a time loop who’s being hunted by the inhabitants of a paradise island. You’ll have one day to assassinate eight targets in order to break the loop and escape the idyllic setting. Unfortunately, you’ll be impeded by a playful mercenary named Julianna, whose role can be assumed by both AI and human players.

“As Colt, you have one day to eliminate eight targets who are responsible for keeping the loop functioning,” senior content manager Anne Lewis explained. “If you miss even one, the loop will reset. But they’re scattered all over the island. How are you supposed to track them all down in just one cycle? In order to take out all of them before the day starts over, you’ll need to learn to manipulate the world around you, discovering your targets’ routines and schedules as you fight to solve the puzzle of the island.”

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? The best part is that as a timed PS5 console exclusive, developer Arkane’s investing additional work to take full advantage of Sony’s hardware. “Leveraging the PS5’s cutting-edge graphics and technology like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, Deathloop invites you into a beautiful and immersive world,” the blurb concludes.

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