Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PS4

What's that? Push Square has written another article about the state of patches in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? As Walter White in Breaking Bad would say: "You're goddamn right." After Activision delayed Season Four in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, the content in question has now dropped onto PlayStation 4 but it comes with a gigantic 32.5GB update. Funnily enough, this patch is actually designed to reduce the overall size of the game on your hard drive, except some fans have run into a nasty glitch.

The outcry was so fierce that the term "84GB" was one of the highest trending terms in the world on Twitter for a period earlier today. It still features on our dashboards, and that's because the bug in question more than doubles the size of the patch players are attempting to download. This issue is said to only be tied to the Xbox One version of the game, but still, PS4 players are having to download an update which is bigger than some entire games. Even if it reduces how big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is overall, a 32.5GB patch is still pretty ludicrous, right? As for what this actually adds to the title and Call of Duty: Warzone, let's take a look.

Battle Royale fans can look forward to in-match events such as Jailbreak, Fire Sale, and Supply Chopper when they next boot the game up. These events occur once per match, giving players the chance to gain an advantage on enemy teams. Jailbreak respawns every dead player still spectating in the match, Fire Sale reduces the price of items at Buy Stations by 80%, and Supply Chopper spawns a non-lethal helicopter which drops high-quality loot upon destruction. Warzone also gets a new Rumble mode that pits two teams of 50 against each other.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also sees a multiplayer playlist update as well as a long list of balance changes, fixes, and tweaks. Head on through this link to see them all for yourself. So, Warzone fans have a lot to look forward to when they get the chance to start playing again. There's just a 32.5GB update to circumvent first. No big deal, right? We wish.

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