Assassin's Creed Valhalla PS5

Publishers are finally starting to reveal their plans for replacements to E3 2020, and French publisher Ubisoft is the next to share its hand with the world. Ubisoft Forward is an entirely digital showcase event taking place on 12th July that promises "exclusive game news, reveals and more".

So, what can we expect Ubisoft to show? Well, we have to assume that nearly all of the games it chooses to reveal will be coming to PlayStation 5 for starters. Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion deep dives with gameplay seem like very safe bets alongside more details on Gods & Monsters. Could Skull & Bones put in an appearance too? We'll have to see. We're sure that the publisher will also share more information concerning how it'll tackle bringing the likes of Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division 2 to the PS5.

And then there's the exciting bit. What entirely new titles will there be? A new Far Cry game has been hinted at by Jason Schreier, but Ubisoft surely has more than that in the pipeline. We'll have to wait until 12th July to find out what it has in store. In the meantime though, what do you think the French company will reveal? Share your predictions in the comments below.