There's a very good chance you don't remember what Twin Mirror is. Originally announced all the way back at E3 2018, the upcoming project from DONTNOD hasn't been heard from in a seriously long time. Therefore, we've been a good bunch of lads and embedded the reveal trailer above to refresh yourself. Now that we're all caught up, the game's Twitter account has just risen from the dead to tease that more news is finally coming in the near future.

DONTNOD writes: "Hello everyone, it’s been a while! We're so excited! The whole team is working hard on #TwinMirror and... we are now ready to tell you more about the game. Stay tuned for more news real soon!"

We wonder if, at this point in the generation, Twin Mirror could now be a PlayStation 5 game? It was originally announced for Sony's current-gen console, but due to the amount of time the project has gone dark for, we feel like there's a decent possibility of that being the case. Still, this could be an interesting summer experience that we end up raving about. Well, this scribe might at least.

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