Will You Be Buying The Last of Us 2? Talking Point 1

Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann has just wrapped up an all-new deep dive into upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last of Us: Part II as part of the latest State of Play livestream, Lasting roughly 25 minutes, we caught a glimpse at a new gameplay sequence as well as more information surrounding human enemies, Clickers, and crafting.

The blockbuster title is less than a month away from launch now, releasing on 19th June 2020, so has this latest broadcast convinced you to purchase the game? Were you always going to buy Naughty Dog's next game or have you actually been turned off by what you saw? If you didn't manage to catch the broadcast live, head on through this link to catch up. Once you have watched the livestream, make sure to take part in the polls below and expand on your thoughts in the comments section.

Will you be buying The Last of Us: Part II?
Did the State of Play livestream convince you to buy The Last of Us: Part II?