Summer Game Fest Announcement Geoff Keighley

It had all gone a little bit quiet on the Summer Game Fest front for the past handful of days, but Geoff Keighley has been sure not to let that excitement dwindle too much with the announcement of two more digital events. Titled Developer Showcase Events, these livestreams will place the focus on indie studios on both 22nd June and 20th July.

The titles which form a part of the two showcases will be curated by Day of the Devs and The Game Awards panel, with Keighley asking for submissions starting today. We're sure he already has a few, bigger games lined up, but it'll be nice to have a couple of smaller surprises to flesh out the line-up. The deadline for that is on 28th May, so teams will have to rush if they want their game to be featured.

If you're wondering what other events and livestreams will be taking place over the summer months, make sure to check out the Push Square guide. What indie games are you hoping to see? Which independent developers are due to announce their next title? Make some predictions in the comments below.