The Wonderful 101 Remastered Ps4.original

The digital release of The Wonderful 101 Remastered is quickly approaching, and that means that it's time for reviews to hit. This is the first time PlatinumGames' weird but fascinating title has come to a PlayStation console, after originally releasing on the Nintendo Wii U. And, well, thoughts and opinions are still all over the place seven years later. We've compiled a number of reviews below for your viewing pleasure while we wait on the Push Square review.

IGN - 9/10

As a remaster, this updated version of The Wonderful 101 is not going to impress anyone with its minor improvements to performance and small adjustments to make it a bit more accessible to newcomers. However, the fact remains that this is The Wonderful 101, one of the best action games of a generation, and one that has tragically – until now – been locked on a relatively niche console. This remaster is the best way to play The Wonderful 101, which is something that I can’t recommend strongly enough, for those willing to power through its learning curve.

Destructoid - 8/10

The Wonderful 101 deserves this new Remastered lease on life after the way it was treated on the Wii U. For nearly seven years we've clamored for a re-release, and now we have it. Go play it this time.

Nintendo World Report - 6/10

I wish I loved The Wonderful 101. It’s absolutely oozing in style that leaves me grinning ear to ear, and I always wanted to see what was coming next. The problem was that the process of actually seeing what came next was a dreadful slog that just frustrated me more and more as the game went on. It feels like a game made for the most dedicated of Platinum Games fans, and I’m certain that anyone who loves racking up combos as quickly as possible for platinum medals will love this game. Diehard fans of character action games will have a lot to love here, but everyone else will have to put up with a lot of trouble to get to the good parts.

Gamespot - 4/10

Even if the technical hiccups get fixed in a patch, though, the Wonderful 101 doesn’t stand the test of time. Remastered or not, I constantly felt like there were missing steps or if I was figuring things out too slowly to keep up with the hyperactive story and its multifaceted gameplay. What’s more, the transition to the Switch, even with its touchscreen capabilities has only exacerbated the game’s core problems. There’s a great concept and the good combat mechanics we know Platinum can achieve in there, but you’ll need a lot of patience to find them.

Finger Guns - 4/10

I’m sure those who loved The Wonderful 101 the first time around will get a kick out of playing this game again on modern day consoles with nicer visuals. For those that hadn’t experienced it before though, this remaster feels like an artifact from a bygone age that couldn’t adapt to a new set of input’s without the Wii U controller. The combat and concept are still sound 7 years on. Everything else needed to be reworked or tweaked further.

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