MotoGP 20 just released last month on PlayStation 4, but developer Milestone ain't finished yet. In addition to the officially licensed racing series, the company has been producing the RIDE series, an attempt at a two-wheeled Gran Turismo. RIDE 4 is the latest entry, just unveiled with the above trailer, and it's not looking too shabby.

So, what's new for this sequel? Well, it's got a revamped career mode for starters, allowing players more freedom in the events they choose. There's now also dynamic lighting and weather to add to the realism, while pit stops now include tyre and fuel management. Its predecessor featured hundreds of bikes and lots of tracks, so we can expect this one to be similarly packed.

RIDE 4 launches on PS4 on 8th October 2020 -- let's hope it plays as good as it looks. Will you be riding off with this later this year? Watch you don't scuff your knees in the comments section below.