June 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been officially announced. As you may already know, the lineup includes Call of Duty: WWII, which was confirmed earlier this week. The historical shooter will be joined by Star Wars Battlefront 2, which happened to be leaked just prior to this announcement.

That's two multiplayer-focused shooters for PS Plus in June, then. Call of Duty is available to download or add to your library right now, while Star Wars is going to be accessible from the 2nd June.

We liked Call of Duty: WWII a lot when we reviewed it back at launch, although we did point out that it felt uncharacteristically safe in our 7/10 review:

Touching base with your origins is necessary to not lose touch with your audience, and that’s exactly what Call of Duty: WWII does without simply regressing. It gets to the core of its key modes and seizes on their intrinsic appeal with some neat, little twists thrown in. However, its campaign and zombies modes (while solid) feel unusually safe, whereas the multiplayer suffers from lacklustre map design and technical issues. You could say this Call of Duty is a sign of hopeful action to ground the series once more, but doesn’t go beyond its iconic namesake to deliver something truly special.

Similarly, we criticised Star Wars Battlefront 2's disappointing campaign, but felt its multiplayer was surprisingly entertaining. It's only got better since the publication of our review:

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s saving grace is its multiplayer. A strong offering provides you with a number of ways to play and a variety of locations to battle on, and if it manages to stick to a level playing field once the infamous microtransactions are added back into the game, it’s an experience we’ll continue to return to. But this is not enough to excuse the abysmal campaign. Any uniqueness dissipates all too quickly, and what follows is a boring set of missions that often feel misguided and unrealistic.

What do you think of the PS Plus selection for June 2020? Get behind cover in the comments section below.