We all remember where we were when Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation 4, don't we? No, that's not Final Fantasy VII Remake, that's the PC port of 1997's Final Fantasy VII. When speculation and hype were at their highest for the supposed remake project, Shinji Hashimoto took to the stage at PlayStation Experience 2014 and trolled the PlayStation community by revealing that the PC version of the original game would be coming to PS4. Six months later, Final Fantasy VII Remake would become a reality, but at the time it felt like the biggest insult imaginable.

Why isn't Square Enix listening to its fanbase? Why is it trolling with a PS4 port nobody wants? As it turns out, this was the plan all along, but even some of Sony's own employees were trolled by this reveal. Adam Boyes, former Vice-President of Third-Party Relations at PlayStation, told Push Square that he had no idea about the project. That is despite being the one who helped bring Final Fantasy VII Remake to PS4 just a few months later.

"I did not know about the remake project at the time. The number one rule in going on stage at E3 is to never read the comments and, of course, I am a horrible example of that because I read all the comments. I think the biggest feeling everyone had was it felt like, you know, Lucy putting the football out for Charlie Brown and pulling it away. Because everyone thought it was going to be one thing and then it was something completely different."

"So then when I did find out that they were interested in announcing the FFVII Remake, I was like, 'oh here's the payoff.' It sort of helped lessen the blow when people are complaining when you know what's going to happen in the end and it's going to be this amazing moment on stage." Oh Square Enix, you jokers. Looking back through the Push Square history books for this one is rather funny, however. When Final Fantasy VII was announced for PS4, deputy editor Robert Ramsey called Final Fantasy VII Remake "unrealistic". How the tables have turned in the time since!