Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PS4 1

Sony’s coronavirus sweetener proved a massive success, as more than 10 million people opted to download free copies of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey. The tidbit comes courtesy of a CNET interview with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, who also told Games Industry that the Play At Home initiative was important for “financially strapped” fans.

In addition to the giveaway for PlayStation 4 owners, the manufacturer also pledged a $10 million support fund for indie studios, which will be shared by around 100 teams. “It's easy for me sitting here with someone paying my salary,” Ryan explained. “But if you're an indie with not much money in the bank, and you've got a game that might be within touching distance of getting made and getting published, but you're running out of cash... that's a pretty rough situation to find yourself in.”

[source cnet.com, via gamesindustry.biz]