Remember Moonlighter? This shopkeeping dungeon crawler released on PlayStation 4 in 2018, and it's a fun and addictive adventure worth checking out. It's also been supported very well by developer Digital Sun since launch, and it's all culminating with the release of Between Dimensions. This expansion pack is the largest DLC for the game so far, and it's out very soon indeed.

Between Dimensions introduces a whole new dungeon to explore, "fit for only the most fearless of adventurers". The interdimensional dungeon will bring with it all new weapons and armour, items to collect, and enemies to battle. New story and lore will be introduced as well, while Will's shop has a new upgrade to save up for. Meanwhile, all the original dungeons will get a variety of brand new enemies to fight, while your shop will be visited by a new NPC called The Trader.

The expansion does come at a cost, though -- you'll get all the above for $6.99. It releases on 29th May 2020, the two-year anniversary of Moonlighter. If you're unable to grab the premium DLC, you won't be left empty handed; all owners of the game will receive an update, containing some fun new interactions for Will's store.

Are you still playing Moonlighter? Will you dip back in to check out Between Dimensions? Barter away in the comments section below.