Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

Last night we covered EA's financial report for 2020, pointing out that it has a number of unannounced games currently in development -- all of them set to release by April 2021. Alongside four "EA Partner" titles, there was also mention of an "EA HD" title. In other words, a remake or remaster.

Given that fans have been waiting almost an entire console generation for a remastered Mass Effect Trilogy, we wrote about how this report offers some hope. But as it happens, we might not even need hope -- a re-release of the Mass Effect Trilogy is apparently heading our way.

This is according to VentureBeat, who write: "Oh, and that HD remaster of an EA game is the Mass Effect Trilogy." What, just like that? Cheeky.

So yeah, it looks like it's finally happening, and it's about damn time. Hopefully we'll learn a lot more over the coming weeks, as EA Play 2020 is scheduled for June.