We've not seen much of Fall Guys for quite a while, so it's nice to have this new trailer from publisher Devolver Digital. The game, which is sort of like a mix between Takeshi's Castle and Gang Beasts, pits dozens of online players against each other in a series of elimination rounds with a wide variety of rules. You might need to choose a wall and hope it breaks; maybe you need to play soccer with an oversized ball; maybe you just have to survive an obstacle course. It looks brilliantly silly.

This new trailer highlights the zany gameplay, showing off several types of round. You dress up your fall guy, survive as many stages as possible, and try to be the first to the crown at the end. It's kind of a take on battle royale, but it feels more like a game show than anything else.

The game is due out in the summer on PlayStation 4, so there's not much longer to wait. Are you interested in Fall Guys? Watch your step in the comments section below.

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