If you've been following virtual reality games for any length of time, you'll likely have come across Gorn at some stage. Released on PC quite some time ago, this daft VR action game has you fighting to the death against numerous enemies in a gladiatorial arena. Developer Free Lives confirmed it was in development for PlayStation VR a while back, but now, we finally have a date. Gorn will have you ripping men apart in PSVR from 19th May 2020.

As the above trailer illustrates, this game doesn't take itself seriously one bit. However, be aware that it is exceedingly bloody, with ridiculous amounts of gore on show (albeit in quite a cartoonish art style). You'll be beating enemies with clubs, severing limbs with axes and swords, and using corpses as meat shields in this ludicrous display of violence. If you're not up to seeing all that red, the game offers a piñata mode. This option swaps out the regular enemies for papier mâché men filled with candy instead of organs.

It's meant to be a hilarious and cathartic action title, and we're looking forward to letting loose pretty soon on PSVR. What do you make of Gorn? Will you be reaching your inner gladiator when it arrives later this month? Don't start a fight in the comments section below.

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