Do you remember when Ghostrunner was announced for PlayStation 4 at Gamescom Opening Night Live last year? We're willing to bet the answer to that question is no because this latest trailer is the first we've seen of the game since that original reveal. Developer One More Level has today confirmed that the game is still on course to release at some point this year, accompanied by a new trailer. Check it out above.

This still looks set to be a first-person experience bursting with sword slashes as you gracefully navigate a cyberpunk-esque environment, complete with neon lights and a thumping, electronic soundtrack. We're big fans of what we heard in the brief 55-second slice of action. The katana is also back to bring death and destruction to the human body, as the trailer likes to point out over and over again.

With the game still coming to PS4 this year, we'd expect more details, including a release date, in the near future. What do you make of Ghostrunner? Are you hyped? Slice and dice in the comments below.