Ghost Of Tsushima PS4

A few months ago, Sucker Punch Productions released a beautiful PlayStation 4 dynamic theme completely free of charge for Ghost of Tsushima and we were sure it would be considered one of the best of the generation. It more than likely still will be, but the developer may have just gone and topped that piece of art with its latest effort. Available in the game's Digital Deluxe Edition or physical Collector's Edition, you will receive this magnificent samurai-themed PS4 dynamic theme in the tweet below.

There's even more to this story, however. As you can see in the second tweet below it, another Ghost of Tsushima theme can be yours by simply pre-ordering the game. It's based on the title's box art and features the iconic red leaves floating in the wind as Jin clutches his mask. A PSN avatar and a digital soundtrack will also be coming your way should you opt for the standard version.

Which one of the two PS4 dynamic themes do you prefer? Do you think either one of them is better than the previous one Sucker Punch gave away? Share your thoughts in the comments below.