We love all the weird and wonderful indie games that have hit PlayStation 4 over the years here at Push Square, and Skully might be another one to add to the list. From the team behind Maize, Finish Line Games has today debuted its latest title. It's coming to PS4 later this year on 4th August and stars a skull which has been given a second chance of life. Let's just hope it's better than the studio's previous effort, which received a disappointing 3/10 in the Push Square review.

A press release states that Skully is a game all about the journey to stop two siblings from squabbling and arguing with one another. "Summoned by a local deity desperate for peace among his kin, Skully can sculpt new abilities from pools of magical clay found throughout the lush island he has washed up on." Daniel Posner, CEO of Finish Line Games, said that the team is really excited to share Skully with the world. "We think a lot of people will connect with the game, and its heroic journey of a seemingly unimposing character destined to accomplish great things."

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