Characters love to grunt and sigh in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They do it all the bloody time. If someone moves more than a centimetre, they need to make a noise, and once you hear it, you can never unhear it.

If you're familiar with anime or other Japanese media, then you'll already be aware of these sounds. In animation, they're often employed so that characters can react to things even if no dialogue is taking place -- and it's a trope that's carried over into video games.

Some people find it incredibly annoying -- others don't even notice it. But one thing's for sure: Final Fantasy VII Remake has a lot of uh, huh, ah, ngh, tch, and heh. But we can take this topic one step further thanks to the poor souls over at Destructoid, who have painstakingly put together the above video.

The video catalogues every little noise that characters make across all of the game's main story cutscenes (and one grunt-filled squat battle at the gym). It concludes that there are over 2,000 grunts and sighs in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

Do anime-style grunts and sighs get on your nerves? Did you notice them in Final Fantasy VII Remake? Pray for the sanity of those who made this video in the comments section below.