Fast & Furious Crossroads was supposed to be out by now if it wasn't for the coronavirus pandemic. With an original release window of May 2020, it was delayed alongside the blockbuster franchise's latest movie entry. As it turns out, the game won't be releasing at the same time as Fast & Furious 9 anymore thanks to a new PlayStation 4 launch date of 7th August 2020.

Accompanying the announcement is our very first look at actual gameplay, which you can check out in the trailer above. And, well, it looks a bit rough. The visuals leave a lot to be desired. Footage debuts various stunts and heists along with the voices of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson. Let's just hope it's an early build and the final product looks a lot better than this. The game will also ship with "an unprecedented three-way multiplayer mode" and you can expect more information surrounding that in the near future.

Do you like the look of Fast & Furious Crossroads? Are you up for the dumb but surely entertaining fun it'll provide? Speed into the comments below.