Destroy All Humans PS4 PlayStation 4

Trophies only came along in 2008 on PlayStation 3, and they're so embedded in modern gaming that you sometimes forget older titles don't have them. It's interesting when a game like Destroy All Humans, which is coming back on PS4 in a remake, gets its own set of trinkets. How have Trophies been incorporated into a game that preceded the system by several years?

The answer, in this game's case, is pretty straightforward. The Trophy list for THQ Nordic's human-blasting remake is here, and it looks pretty easy. There's a total of 41 of the things, including a Platinum of course, and all you really need to do is play the game. In addition to Trophies for reaching each location and advancing the story, there are rewards for destroying humans in various creative ways, completing optional objectives, and getting three stars on all challenges. In other words, all you really need to do is complete the game.

You can view the full Trophy list here, but be aware there are no hidden gongs, so there could be one or two little spoilers. Will you be aiming for the Plat in Destroy All Humans? Probe the comments section below.