If you're lucky enough to have 11 friends, Golf With Your Friends sounds like the perfect PlayStation 4 game to entertain everyone at once. This wild 12-player mini golf game is coming to Sony's current-gen console next month on 19th May, costing £14.99/$19.99.

Having made a name for itself in early access on PC, the console version will feature 10 different courses -- each including their own theme and location. There's even one based on Worms! Different game modes customise the experience with a basketball hoop and a set of hockey goals, while power-ups can hinder your friend's chances of success. Rather humorously, you'll be able to unlock skins, hats, and even trails for your golf ball.

Some bonus DLC can also be yours with a special launch edition that includes the Caddy Pack bundle. This will give you access to even more customisation options once you tee off. Will you be getting some friends together online to play Golf With Your Friends? Rent a caddy in the comments below.