Another indie game has just been announced over on the PlayStation Blog, and this time it's a stylised survival game named Windbound. You'll play as Kara, a girl who wakes up on a mysterious island, who will need to fend for herself as she begins to explore. With a storm keeping her trapped within the archipelago, she'll also discover hints of an ancient civilisation.

As well as survival, the game puts an emphasis on exploration. You'll be able to craft all sorts of things, including boats of all shapes and sizes, allowing you to get to other islands and find more secrets. Interestingly, each set of islands is procedurally generated, meaning no two players will play quite the same adventure.

It's certainly an interesting idea. We're looking forward to checking out Windbound when it arrives on PlayStation 4 on 28th August 2020. What do you think? Set sail in the comments below.