Peaky Blinders is one of those TV shows our parents love that we've never actually bothered to watch. Who knows if we're missing out on anything, but now we'll be able to show them how it's really done in the form of a video game. In a matchup we never expected to see, Velocity 2X and Tiny Trax developer FuturLab is developing Peaky Blinders: Mastermind for PlayStation 4.

Due for release this summer, you can get a taste of the top-down action in the announcement trailer above. This experience is set before the events of the show's first season, allowing you to join and follow the Shelby family's gang. "Follow the rise of Tommy as he successfully uncovers a sinister plot to put the family out of business, proving himself worthy of being the true mastermind of the Peaky Blinders."

You'll be able to take control of characters such as Tommy, Arthur, Polly, John, Ada and Finn and even control the passage of time. A timeline allows you to reset, fast-forward, and rewind events until you've formed the perfect plan. Do we have any Peaky Blinders fans here on Push Square? Is this a game you'd be interested in playing? Avoid the accent in the comments below.