Okay, this is pretty damn good. Focus Home Interactive is days away from the release of SnowRunner, a driving sim about making deliveries through treacherous terrain. You could say there's a passing resemblance in its gameplay to Kojima Productions' Death Stranding, and it seems the publisher of this mucky trucking game agrees.

The above trailer, released yesterday, apes the way Kojima's unusual title presented itself during the run up to its release. A licensed song playing throughout, credits galore, cuts to black, familiar fonts -- even the voice work sounds like it fits in Sam Bridges' post-apocalyptic America. This is a fantastic homage to Death Stranding's trailers, and it works far better than it perhaps should. A great idea from the marketing team.

SnowRunner hits PlayStation 4 on 28th April. Will you be making connections in this game? Has this trailer convinced you to give it a look? Wait on the beach in the comments below.

[source youtube.com]