Tekken 7 Season 4

It looks like a fresh Tekken 7 announcement is on the horizon, as the game's official website is teasing the game's 50th fighter. Head on over to the complete character list and you'll find an entry right at the end titled 'N/A'. It features a very nondescript silhouette and text that reads: "Nothing at all is known about this mysterious fighter."

Again, the silhouette doesn't appear to give us any clues -- it could just be some weird placeholder. This is how it looks:

Tekken 7 New Character

Does this mean Tekken 7 is getting a fourth season of DLC? Tough to say. Season 3's content came to an end with the release of Fahkumram last month, and while there's been no official word on Season 4, recent datamining has revealed that new DLC files were added to the game's database on PC.

What do you think Bandai Namco is planning? Who could this mysterious fighter be? Don't spare any speculation in the comments section below.

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