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We’re regularly criticised for exposing rumours here at Push Square, but we try to bust as much fake news as possible because people actually believe some of these stories. Case in point: the web went wild for a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 "leak" this weekend, which was authored by a random Reddit poster. That message has since been deleted, with the original writer admitting it was all a big fat fake.

You can still read the original rumour on dozens of websites, in which intricate details about the so-called sequel were “exposed”. Some publications even “warn” readers that there are spoilers for the hotly anticipated sequel within, which is particularly amusing when you consider that it’s entirely fan fiction. Among the features mooted are a dynamic weather system and Peter Parker-themed photography quests.

“Thank you for an entertaining 24 hours,” the original poster wrote. “The recent leak on 17th April was entirely made-up in quarantine-induced boredom. As a long-time Spider-Man and video game fan, I just wanted to garner a reaction on things I believe would make the sequel even better than the first, but it got out of hand faster than expected.”

The author goes on to reiterate that his post was entirely made-up, but that he’s excited to see what Insomniac Games eventually delivers. It’s a reminder that you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet: check your sources, remain critical, and don’t be fooled by random strangers who purport to have insider knowledge.

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