Observer PS5

If you had a hunch that PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5 would effectively kill the concept of the remaster, think again. Before the console itself has even been revealed, the next-gen machine already has its first officially announced rerelease. Bloober Team is teasing a remaster of Observer on its Twitter account, dubbed Observer: System Redux.

We weren't fans of the original game in the slightest, so we're struggling to mount much excitement for this reveal. It's probably safe to assume that the title will now take advantage of the PS5's 3D audio, high-speed SSD, 10.28 Teraflops, and the all-new features that the DualSense controller brings with it, but that's only going to go so far when the experience itself is incredibly lacking.

It's cool that we have another game confirmed for the PS5, but a remaster of this particular title is not what's going to sell the system whatsoever. Are you more positive about Observer: System Redux? Hack into the comments below.