When was the last time you thought about 3D Realms, or Duke Nukem? Probably not since Gearbox forced the disastrous Duke Nukem Forever into being on PlayStation 3. For a time, these games were popular, though, and there's definitely an audience out there for these retro shooters. Enter Ion Fury, a brand new game developed within the studio's Build engine coming to PS4 on 14th May, 2020.

As you can see in the above trailer, this is an unapologetically old school FPS. Starring Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, the game has you defending Neo DC from Dr. Jadus Heskel's "cyber-cultist army". It certainly looks and sounds like a 90s shooter.

Released to critical acclaim on PC last year, the game is gunning for that frenetic and familiar feel that comes from shooters of the age. It seems it's succeeded on that front, but the jury's out on the PS4 version for now. There's only a couple of weeks until the digital version is available, so it isn't long until we can put it to the test. If you're desperate for a boxed copy, a physical edition is also on the way, although this won't make it out until 26th June.

What do you think of Ion Fury? Will you be going retro with this one next month? Hail to the king in the comments below.