PS5 Event Summer 2020

IGN has announced that it will be hosting an online event in June. 'Summer of Gaming' will consist of "publisher presentations with IGN pre- and post-discussions, remote developer interviews, hands-on demos and preview impressions, gameplay, and news segments recapping the biggest announcements". Basically, the network's attempting to fill 2020's E3-shaped hole.

Publishers such as Square Enix, SEGA, 2K, Bandai Namco, THQ Nordic, and Devolver Digital are apparently all on board, although the absence of heavy hitters like EA and Ubisoft, as well as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, suggests that there may be other plans in motion.

Having said that, the article does promise "the latest news and impressions around upcoming games and the next generation of console hardware" during Summer of Gaming. It's perhaps fair to assume that we'll be seeing a number of PlayStation 5 titles from the aforementioned publishers. Take it one step further, and maybe it means that we'll know much more about the PS5 by the time this event begins.

What do you make of this? When do you think Sony will give us another glimpse of what's in store? Demand satisfaction in the comments section below.