How do you find the Strange Relics in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End? Naughty Dog's latest has more collectibles than any of its predecessors when you factor in journal entries, hidden treasures, and optional conversations. However, there's a standalone Trophy for three very special secret items if you can locate them: Relic Finder. As with all of Nathan Drake's other adventures, there's a Strange Relic for you to locate – but this time it's joined by the Strange Pendant and Strange Fruit. Want to know where to find them? Watch the video above, or read on.

Strange Pendant Location (Chapter 9)

After you've solved the puzzle involving a bucket, head through the door. There'll be two paths. Take the second one and cut through the gap in the wall to your right. Look over the edge and you'll spy a grappling spot for your rope. Climb down to it, latch on, and swing until you see a roomy alcove adjacent to your position. The Strange Pendant is located next to a dead body.

Strange Relic Location (Chapter 12)

This is a long chapter, so keep following the story path until you come to an area where you need to slide down some mud. It's not long after you get split up from Sam. You'll know you're in the right area because Drake will make a comment about cisterns. Directly facing the statues of the pirates, turn around and run through the gap in the wall. Follow it around and use the hand-holds on the left to climb the cliff-face. You should see a basin across from your position. Jump towards it ensuring to throw your rope in mid-air. Swing across, and you'll find the treasure perched atop the basin.

Strange Fruit Location (Chapter 21)

In the area just before Avery's ship, you have to attach your rope to a wooden structure and lower yourself off a ledge. Fall down and then lower Drake as far as the rope will allow. Swing towards Avery's ship and you should see a small handhold in the wall towards the top-right of the screen. Climb up into the cave, and follow the path round to collect the Strange Fruit.