Uncharted 2 PS4

Following the recent announcement of Sony's Play at Home initiative to combat the Coronavirus, the two PlayStation 4 games being made available for free can now be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Those being Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey. Players residing in EU territories can grab the two titles right now, while US users will have to wait a few more hours until 8pm PDT.

You can trigger those downloads through the store's online page, with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection available for free via this link and Journey through here. Sony has chosen two excellent games to give away, and here's what we thought of them at the time.

In the 9/10 Push Square review for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, editor Sammy Barker called the collection one of the best PS4 remasters.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is probably the best PS4 remaster thus far – and the system's had more than enough of them to give that statement weight. While there are small elements of all three bundled titles that have failed to stand the test of time, this is still a stellar trilogy, with stories and set-pieces that generally tend to better most modern games. Of course, existing fans will already know what wonders await them – but newcomers should brace themselves for 30 or so hours of solid gold.

Meanwhile, deputy editor Robert Ramsey was the one to review Journey for the site, awarding it a rare 10/10.

Journey remains one of the most cohesive titles to grace PlayStation. A sumptuous art style and a stunning soundtrack fuse to create an experience that's flawless from start to finish. Its story never utters a word, yet it has more to say than most scripts, and its handling of social interaction eschews tradition in favour of eye-opening anonymous bonding. Enhanced visuals and a silky smooth framerate made possible courtesy of the PS4's power make this the definitive edition of the release, and put simply, Journey is still one of the greatest games ever made.

Which one of these two phenomenal PS4 games are you going to download and play for free first? Don't forget that you don't even need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to add the titles to your library -- available until 5th May 2020. Trigger those downloads in the comments below.