Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Amid the chaos of coronavirus, Square Enix deserves kudos for getting Final Fantasy VII Remake out on time – but in parts of Asia, the digital launch hasn’t gone particularly smoothly. Players in countries such as Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Singapore are furious with Sony after they mistakenly purchased the Chinese/Korean language version of the title, rather than the English/Japanese edition advertised.

Looking at the PlayStation Store page, there’s no indication of which language you’ll get, leaving many fans with a hotly anticipated release they can’t actually play. “The pre-order didn't state the language, and now I have the Chinese version when I want the English one,” said one player, as reported by Rappler. “This is misrepresentation.”

The backlash has been so bad that Sony has been forced to put out a comment: “We know that this is a game cherished by a generation of gamers, who have eagerly anticipated to play it, and we have let you down. We are actively looking into finding the best solution and we aim to give one as soon as we can.”

Exactly how it will resolve the situation remains to be seen, but it will need to come up with a speedy solution. Our guess is that it will just give all digital owners of the game access to both versions, so they can download their preferred language. Let’s hope that it can offer a resolution fast, as many have waited years to play this title.

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