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Update: As mentioned in the comments, another site named tracks the price of games both on the PlayStation Store and at retail over time, so you can check whether it's more cost effective to go physical or digital. Despite the name, it also covers Microsoft and Nintendo platforms. Well worth checking out!

Original Story: There’s no question that the PlayStation Store has become something of a cash cow for Sony, but it’s also a great source of bargains at times. While the price of going digital day one can prohibitively expensive for blockbuster titles, waiting for sales can pay in the long-term as the platform holder regular holds deep discounts on a vast array of games.

Did you know that there’s a website which shows you the pricing history of PSN products, though? This is useful as it allows you to see how often a title goes on sale, and what kind of price you should be paying. For example, let’s say you’re looking to grab Shadow of the Tomb Raider. A quick search on shows that it goes on sale roughly every couple of months, with its lowest price being $17.99 so far.

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The tool tracks PlayStation Plus discounts separately from general price reductions, and even allows you to sort the latest deals by Metacritic score and more. It’s much quicker and easier to browse than the web-based PS Store, too, which is in dire need of an overhaul. Were you aware of this website? Will you be using it next time you plan to purchase a PSN product? Spend wisely in the comments.