Resident Evil 3 PS4 PlayStation 4

Resident Evil 3 is out now on PlayStation 4, and despite one or two issues, it's very much worth playing. You can read what we think of the game in our review, if you haven't already. Anyway, the game is available today, but did you know there's also something called Raccoon City Edition on the European PlayStation Store?

Raccoon City Edition bundles the latest Capcom remake with Resident Evil 2, granting you access to both games for one price. You can buy Resi 2 and Resi 3 together for £63.99. With the latest game retailing for £49.99 and last year's horror adventure normally going for £34.99, it's not a bad saving if you've yet to hop aboard.

If you do pick up this double helping of Resident Evil goodness, we've plenty of guides to help you along. In addition to our guides for Resi 2, we've a full Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough, including help on all Gun Upgrade locations, all safe codes and locker combinations, and all Hip Pouch locations. Can you kill Nemesis in Resident Evil 3? We've got that covered too, as well as how to track down all Charlie Doll locations and lots more.

Will you be nabbing the Raccoon City Edition from PlayStation Store, or are you just going to grab Resi 3 on its own? Let us know in the comments below.