PS5 PlayStation 5

What will the PlayStation 5 look like? At this stage, no one outside of Sony knows the true answer. The company is keeping the design of its new console a closely guarded secret. We have seen the DualSense PS5 controller, of course, but the box itself remains a mystery. If the Japanese giant hopes to launch PS5 this holiday, it'll have to reveal the hardware sooner rather than later.

Until then, we're left playing guessing games. Many graphic artists have shared their vision for what form PS5 could take, but the reality could be almost anything at this point. It got us thinking: what would we come up with if we were in charge of designing the PS5? This led us to an even better question. What do our readers envision for Sony's next-gen console?

That's right -- we want to see your PS5 designs. What do you think the machine will look like, and what do you want it to look like? We don't want you to tell us, we want you to show us. Draw a picture, make a model, sculpt it from clay -- heck, make something in Dreams. We want to see where your imaginations take you. You can be as sensible or as outlandish as you want with your designs. They don't need to make sense -- we just want to know what our community can come up with. Go nuts.

You may as well join in; what else are you doing with all that free time you have right now? Send us your finest work via this new forum thread. We'll leave the thread open for a week. Then, after careful deliberation, we'll pick out some highlights and showcase them in a follow-up feature right here on the main site, where you'll be able to vote for your favourite entry. To be clear, then:

  1. Bring your brilliant PS5 design to life through whatever medium you like
  2. Share an image/video/link to your work in this thread over on our forums
  3. You have from now (22nd April, 18:00 BST) until 29th April, 18:00 BST to submit your entries

We can't wait to see your ideas. Have fun!