Commandos PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Real-time tactics series Commandos has attained cult status in recent years, and in addition to a PlayStation 4 remaster of fan favourite Commandos 2, publisher Kalypso Media has announced that it’s started work on an all-new instalment for PlayStation 5. Development will be tackled by a new German team named Claymore Game Studios, with recruitment currently underway.

“We are very pleased to confirm that we managed to have both the core team and our new offices up-and-running within [a] short timeframe,” said director Jürgen Reusswig. “We have started development and we’re looking forward to adding more talented staff in the coming months and thereby offering the chance to become an integral part of making an iconic strategy game.”

It means that we probably won’t be getting an update on this project for some time, but followers of the franchise will be pleased to know that a new instalment is actively in production. Are you a long-time fan of Commandos? Did you play any of the titles on the PlayStation 2? Issue your troops in the comments section below.