Broomstick League PS4

Do you remember a game we covered just over a month ago named Broomstick League? The title was quite clearly a rip-off of the wizarding world's sport of Quidditch found in Harry Potter, complete with a Golden Snitch and flying broomsticks. It could have been a fun, if slightly shameful, experience, but the game is most likely never going to see the light of day anymore. Released in Early Access on PC, Broomstick League is no longer available for purchase while the developer has removed its entire existence off the internet.

What was the game's Twitter account now sports a message saying: "This account doesn’t exist" and the URL that the game was using no longer even links to a website. Meanwhile, a message on the title's Steam page reads: "At the request of the publisher, Broomstick League is no longer available for sale on Steam." We reckon the folks over at Warner Bros didn't take too kindly to this clear copy cat and ordered it be taken off sale over copyright concerns. As such, Broomstick League probably isn't ever releasing on PlayStation 4.

Were you hoping to play Broomstick League? Look forward to the Harry Potter RPG instead in the comments below.